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Hi👋, my name is Antonin Karlo Tilaon

I'm a web developer based in Palawan🏝️Philippines🌅. I have industry experience in software and web development. As well as teaching college students on emerging technologies such as cloud-computing, machine learning, and data analytics. I am eager to put my skills into a work environment.

About Me

I am currently working as a support engineer in a start-up company my goal is to keep upgrading my qualifications until I become a senior-level web developer. My past experience in BPO companies such as Accenture are also work experience that are tied to support and software engineering.

In those instances, I maintained proprietary software, making sure that no downtime are met. I provided engineering solutions; adept at creating robust automation scripts using Bash, provided support through creating complex SQL queries and scripts, and at the same time using my Excel skills to extract data to consolidate reports from production logs. Providing our team with up to date information on our software maintenance lifecycle I used those reports as a basis for my analytical and technical skills to pinpoint root causes and mitigate errors/bugs

As a developer, I have a strong foundation in software development, with a focus on web technologies. Working on a wide range of projects,and using a variety of framework such as React.js and Ruby on Rails which I have used to add improvements and modification to my company's website.I know how to create static websites and support complex enterprise-level SaaS and web applications. I have an understanding of cloud computing technologies and am familiar with the virtual and abstracted applications provided by IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) hyperscalers.I am always eager to learn and explore new web technologies, and I am constantly seeking out opportunities to improve my technical skills and updating my knowledge.

Technical Skills






Microsoft Excel

Bash shell

QA Testing

OSI Model

REST Architecture

Cloud Computing